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Carport Canopy

A glass canopy for car parking areas. Made of tempered laminated glass and corrosion-resistant stainless steel. Provides protection from sunlight, rain, and dust, ensuring that your car remains clean and secure.

Hotel Canopy

A glass canopy for hotels or resorts that offers protection from sunlight and rain in open areas such as gardens or swimming pools. Can be tailored to complement the hotel's architectural style, creating an elegant and comfortable atmosphere. Made of tempered laminated glass and corrosion-resistant stainless steel.

Void Canopy

A glass canopy for void areas or gaps between building floors. Designed to maximize natural lighting and create a sense of spaciousness. Constructed of tempered laminated glass and strong, durable stainless steel.

Spider Glass Canopy

A unique glass canopy comprising tempered laminated glass and grade 304 stainless steel. Equipped with a spider system to create a modern and sophisticated look. Suitable for commercial and public buildings, such as shopping centers and office buildings. Grade 304 stainless steel provides strength and corrosion resistance, ensuring the glass spider canopy is durable and long-lasting.

Glass Canopy Office

A glass canopy for parking areas or office yards that provides protection from sunlight and rain. Constructed of tempered laminated glass and robust stainless steel, the canopy offers reliable protection for both vehicles and pedestrians.

House Glass Canopies

House Glass Canopies are a stylish and practical addition to any home. Made of tempered laminated glass and a durable frame, they offer protection from the elements and require minimal maintenance. They also add sophistication to your home's exterior and allow natural light to pass through, creating a welcoming atmosphere. Upgrade your home's exterior today with a House Glass Canopy!

Design Assistance

TRIDEKO INTERIOR can help you with almost any type of glass application you are looking for. From assisting with the initial design and coordinating installation, to providing complete Design Fabrication Services, we can support you at every stage of your project. Choose one of the items here to learn more about what we do and how we can deliver it for you.


Craftsmanship produces beautiful work Union fabricators provide expertise and professional craftsmanship Precision layout with controlled tolerances for watertight performance Automated equipment maintains consistency and tight alignments High performance finishes in every color Machined and water-jet components in stainless steel and aluminum Maximizing processes performed in a controlled shop environment Third-party special inspections for structural silicone and structural welding Systems are built and pre-assembled for ease of installation


Safety First: Plan the work and work the plan! Safety is our Core Value Our people are our most important asset and their safety drives all operations Each site has a specific challenge that we address with a comprehensive safety plan Innovative staging design maximizes productivity Material assembly is coordinated to maximize safe access and productivity Skilled union glaziers and sheetmetal workers are the professionals on site Adhesion testing of sealants and water tests validate installation

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